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Replacement of BALLUFF BIC series

Regarding some products that have been terminated in BALLUFF's BIC series, B&PLUS manufactures and supplies replacement parts by B&PLUS proprietary model. For reference examples and list, please refer to the following.

Replacement type code

Order codetype code
BAE00HA BAE SA-IC-022-PIO-P64 RL64T-344P-000
BAE00HC BAE SA-IC-021-DNT-64 RL64EA-355DN-000
BIC0015 BIC 1I2-P2A02-M18MN2-EPX07-050 RPEA 1803P-PU-05
BIC0016 BIC 1I2-P2A02-M18MN2-EPX07-020 RPEA 1803P-PU-02
BIC001A BIC 1I2-P2A03-M30MO2-EPX07-050 RPEA 3005P-PU-05
BIC001J BIC 1I3-P2A05-Q80KA-GPX0C-050 RPEA 8015P-PU-05
BIC001K BIC 1I3-N2A05-Q80KA-GPX0C-030 RPEA 8015N-PU-03
BIC001L BIC 1I3-N2A05-Q80KA-GPX0C-020 RPEA 8015N-PU-02
BIC001N BIC 2I2-P2A02-M18MF2-EPX07-050 RPTA 1803-PU-05
BIC001P BIC 2I2-P2A02-M18MF2-EPX07-010 RPTA 1803-PU-01
BIC001T BIC 2I2-P2A03-M30MF2-EPX07-050 RPTA 3005-PU-05
BIC001Y BIC 2I3-P2A05-Q80KA-GPX0C-050 RPTA 8015-PU-05
BIC001Z BIC 2I3-P2A05-Q80KA-GPX0C-010 RPTA 8015-PU-01
BIC0021 BIC 2I3-P2A20-Q40AA-GPX0B-050 RGPT 4008-V1220A-PU-05
BIC0022 BIC 2I3-P2A20-Q40AC-GPX0B-050 RGPT 4008-V1220B-PU-05
BIC0023 BIC 2I3-P2A30-Q90AA-GPX0B-050 RGPT 9012-V2430-PU-05
BIC0025 BIC 1I3-P2A15-M30MM3-BPX0B-100 RGPE 3005-V1215P-PU-10
BIC0026 BIC 1I3-P2A20-Q40AA-GPX0B-050 RGPE 4008-V1220PA-PU-05
BIC0027 BIC 1I3-P2A20-Q40AC-GPX0B-050 RGPE 4008-V1220PB-PU-05
BIC0028 BIC 1I3-P2A30-Q90AA-GPX0B-050 RGPE 9012-V2430P-PU-05
BIC0029 BIC 1I0-P2A02-M18MI-BPX03-050 RPE 1804P-PU-05
BIC002A BIC 1I0-P2A02-M18MI-BPX03-020 RPE 1804P-PU-02
BIC002C BIC 1I0-N2A02-M18MI-BPX03-020 RPE 1804N-PU-02
BIC002E BIC 1I0-P2A02-M30MI-BPX03-050 RPE 3008P-PU-05
BIC002F BIC 1I0-P2A02-M30MI-BPX03-020 RPE 3008P-PU-02
BIC002H BIC 1I0-N2A02-M30MI-BPX03-020 RPE 3008N-PU-05
BIC002J BIC 2I0-P2A02-M18ME-BPX03-010 RPT 1804P-PU-01
BIC002K BIC 2I0-P2A02-M18ME-BPX03-020 RPT 1804P-PU-02
BIC002L BIC 2I0-N2A02-M18ME-BPX03-010 RPT1804N-PU-01
BIC002P BIC 1I0-P2001-M18MI-BPX03-050 RXE 1805P-PU-05
BIC002R BIC 1I0-P2001-M18MI-BPX03-020 RXE 1805P-PU-02
BIC002T BIC 1I0-P2001-M12MM1-BPX03-050 RXE 1202P-PU-05
BIC0039 BIC 2B2-P2A30-Q90AQ-GPX0B-050 RHPT8 8010P-C3-PU-05
BIC003C BIC 1B2-P2A30-Q90AQ-GPX0B-050 RHPE8 8010P-C3-PU-05
BIC003U BIC 1I0-P2A02-M30MI-BPX03-100 RPE 3008P-PU-10
BIC003W BIC 2I0-D1001-M12ME1-BPX02-050 RXT 1202-PU-05
BIC003Y BIC 2I0-D1001-M12ME1-BPX02-010 RXT 1202-PU-01
BIC003Z BIC 2I0-D1001-M18ME1-BPX02-050 RXT 1805-PU-05
BIC0041 BIC 2I0-R1002-M18MF2-BPX03-050 RTT 1804-PT1B10-PU-05
BIC0042 BIC 2I0-R2002-M18MF2-BPX03-050 RTT 1804-PT1B20-PU-05
BIC0043 BIC 2I0-V1A01-M18MI2-BPX03-050 RNT 1803-VS10-PU-05
BIC0044 BIC 2I0-P2A05-M30MF-BPX03-030 RPT 3008P-PU-03
BIC0045 BIC 2I3-P2A15-M30MI2-BPX0B-050 RGPT 3005-V1215-PU-05
BIC0046 BIC 1I0-V1003-M18MN2-BPX03-050 RNE 1803A-PU-05
BIC0047 BIC 1I0-C1A02-M18MN2-BPX03-050 RTE 1804E-PU-05
BIC0048 BIC 1I3-P2A15-M30MM3-BPX0B-050 RGPE 3005-V1215P-PU-05
BIC004C BIC 2I0-R3002-M18MF2-BPX03-050 RTT 1804-PT1B30-PU-05
BIC004M BIC 915-D2-M08EE-EPX02-010 RXD 0801-PU-01
BIC004N BIC 902-D2-M12ME-EPX02-020 RXD 1202-PU-02
BIC004P BIC 902-D2-M12ME-EPX02-100 RXD 1202-PU-10
BIC004T BIC 902-D2-M12ME-EPX02-010 RXD 1202-PU-01
BIC004W BIC 905-D2-M18ME-EPX02-010 RXD 1805-PU-01
BIC005K BIC 2I0-P2A02-M30TI-BPX03-030 RPT TF3008P-PU-03
BIC005L BIC 1I0-P2A02-M30TI-BPX03-030 RPE TF3008P-PU-03
BIC005M BIC 2I0-D2A02-M30TI-BPX03-030 RPT TF3008D-PU-03
BIC005N BIC 1I0-N2A02-M30TI-BPX03-030 RPE TF3008N-PU-03
BIC005P BIC 2I0-N2A02-M18TI-BPX03-050 RPT TF1804N-PU-05
BIC005R BIC 2I0-D2A02-M18TI-BPX03-050 RPT TF1804D-PU-05
BIC005T BIC 1I0-N2A02-M18TI-BPX03-050 RPE TF1804N-PU-05
BIC005Z BIC 1I3-P2A30-Q90AA-GPX0B-Z04 RGPE 9012-V2430P-SA03-PU-02
BIC0060 BIC 2I3-P2A30-Q90AA-GPX0B-Z05 RGPT 9012-V2430-SA02-PU-01
BIC0068 BIC 2I3-D2A04-M30MO2-BPX0B-050 RPT8-3007D-PU-05
BIC0069 BIC 1I2-N1A02-M18MN2-EPX07-050 RPEA-1803N-PU-05
BIC006A BIC 1I3-N1A15-M30MM3-BPX0B-050 RGPE-3005-V1215N-PU-05
BIC006C BIC 1I4-N1A15-M30ME1-BPX0F-050 RSH16E-030N-PU-05
BIC006F BIC 1I3-P2A04-M30MO2-BPX0B-050 RPE8-3000P-PU-05
BIC006L BIC 2I4-Z1A15-M30ME1-BPX0F-010 RSH16T-030-PU-CP-1.0
BIC006T BIC 1H0-X22A0-Q90AAGPS04020Z14 RCH08E-211-SA01-PU-02
BIC006U BIC 2H0-X22A0-Q90AAGPS04020Z15 RCH08T-211-SA01-PU-02
BIC006W BIC 2H0-X22A0-Q90AAGPS04010Z15 RCH08T-211-SA01-PU-01
BPI0068 BPI 821030-6M-IC-THSC RPK 2101
BPI006A BPI 821020-6M-IC-THSC RFK 3101
BPI006E BPI 421030-3M-IC-THSC RPK 2102
BPI0088 BPI BM4A40-7K-IC-SHM4 RS16T-211P-S04
Replacement list is also available in PDF. Please refer to the following.

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