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Quality Policy

Quality and customer consideration are very important in basics of the operation. Trusted by customers and we provide a product and a reliable service aiming for the "manufacturing" company.

  • [Quality of the design]  Produce a design and development of a product in response to needs and the expectation of the customer.
  • [Quality of the production] Supply a customer with a excellenct product.
  • [Quality of Service] Offer the service that a customer can satisfy.
  • Each [Quality] determines a "quality" aim of the unit in the year.
  • Challenge further "improvement" without being satisfied with the present [Quality] standard.

Head office and Sales office in japan quality management system have been registered as meeting the requirements of ISO9001/2008.

Environmental policy

We aim at contributing to a the global environment.  Also to improve through operation in considering for environment.    Activity to work on environmental conservation and improvement as one of the important problems of the management and, as the action program, established "environment policy" as follows.

1.  [The observance such as environmental laws] & [the prevention of the pollution]

We go under environmental related laws and ordinances and other requirements which we agreed to surely and perform the operation that considered the prevention of the environmental pollution.

2. [Energy saving] & [Reduction of the waste]

We promote operation considering for energy saving and work on reduction of the waste.

3. Reduction of the environmental load

We work on resources recycling and work on green procurement.  Promotes load reduction activity for the environment including the eco product promotion activity.

4. [Environmental purpose] & [Environmental aim]

We establish "the environment purpose" of the unit and "environment aim" based on the influence that operation gives in environment and this "environmental policy" in the year and promote environmental conservation activity.

5.  [Continuous improvement] & [Environmental education]

Improvement of "environmental management system" and continuous "Environmental education"  and to improve for the environmental conservation activity of the each employee.

B&PLUS Head office environment management system have been registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001/2004.

 Please refer to the PDF for quality assurance provisions in our products.

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