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Please note that this warranty regulations may be updated without prior notice.


1. Warranty Coverage

The warranty applies to products sold by our company, and the following cases are not covered.

  •  (1) Other brand products
  •  (2) Products other than mass-produced products such as prototypes
  •  (3) Products sold as uncovered by warranty, such as inventory disposal items
  •  (4) Products for which we cannot confirm the sales history, such as second-hand products

2. Warranty Period

 The warranty period for our products is one year from the date of shipment from our company.


3. Warranty Details

In the event of failure of our products attributable to our responsibility occurring within the warranty period prescribed above, we will provide alternative
products or carry out repairs.
Please note that the starting date of the warranty period shall be the initial shipping date even though we provide alternative products or carry out repairs.
However, the following types of failure, even when occurring within the warranty period, will not be covered by this quality warranty.

  •  (1) Failure caused by handling the product in a manner other than described in our catalogs,
  •         website, leaflet, instruction manual, user's guide,datasheet and specifications prescribed
  •         separately.
  •  (2) Failure caused by modifications or repairs carried out by other companies.
  •  (3) Failure caused by the customer’s equipment, handling, installation, and software, etc., namely,
  •         failure not attributable to our product itself.
  •  (4) Failure caused by using the product in a manner other than for its intended use.
  •  (5) Failure due to reasons that could not be predicted based on scientific and technological standards
  •         before shipment.
  •  (6) Failure caused by external factors not attributable to our responsibility such as natural disaster
  •         and voltage abnormalities, etc.
  •  (7) Failure that could have been prevented through proper maintenance of the consumable parts
  •         described in the instruction manual and user's guide, etc.
  •  (8) Failure in the event the manufacturing information of our product such as the product name and
  •         lot number, etc. cannot be determined as a result of loss or defacement of the label.
  • The scope of the Warranty is limited to the above; secondary losses due to failure of our product (damage to equipment, lost opportunities, lost profits, etc.),
  • installation and replacement costs, and any other damage will not be covered by this quality warranty.


4. Application

It is not intended for use in the following applications, and is not covered by the warranty.

  •  (1) Applications that have a tremendous impact on human life or property
  •         Example: Nuclear power, aviation, space, undersea, rail, ship, vehicle, medical equipment
  •  (2) Various facilities that run 24 hours a day such as public facilities, etc.
  •          Example: Water, electricity, gas, crime prevention
  •  (3) Use in environments not prescribed in the specifications
  •          Example: Chemical contamination, excessive electrical interference, radiation, etc.
  •  (4) Other applications where a high level of safety is required

5. Verification of compatibility

Please consider the following and verify the compatibility of our products with your machinery and equipment at your own responsibility.

  •  (1) Compatibility with environmental durability (EMC, usage environment), laws and 
  •          regulations, or standards with which your machinery and equipment should comply.
  •  (2) Compatibility with the safety and reliability required from your machinery and equipment.

Although we are continually working to improve the quality and reliability of our products, failure of parts will generally occur at some rate.
Please ensure the safe design of your machinery and equipment to meet your reliability and safety standards in order to prevent bodily injury, fire accidents
and extensive damage in your facility due to the failure of our product.

6. Verification of compatibility

  •  (1) Technician dispatch
  •          This is not included in the price of our products. Please contact our business partners,
  •          nearest sales office, or a technical service center separately.
  •  (2) Malfunction analysis
  •         We will, upon request of the customer, provide malfunction analysis free of charge for a
  •         period of five years from the initial shipping date. We can also provide malfunction
  •         analysis for a fee after this 5 years period; please contact our business partners, nearest
  •         sales office, or a technical service center. In addition, malfunctions that have passed more
  •         than 10 years since shipment are considered to be the product life, and in principle,
  •         malfunction analysis etc. will not be performed.
  •  (3) Customer-designated special inspection
  •          A fee will be charged in principle. Please contact our business partners, nearest sales
  •          office, or a technical service center separately.
 Please refer to the PDF for quality assurance provisions in our products.

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