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Electromagnetic induction

How can the electricity flow through the space and not ony through the metal? A principle of "electromagnetic induction" discovered more than 180 years ago. Have you tested in science class the magnet which stuck strongly when you canceled electricity to the coil, "the electromagnet" This is an entrance of the electromagnetic induction. The electromagnet converts "electricity" into "the magnetic field" by canceling electricity to a coil. And it is possible to drain "the magnetic field" into the space (release).

Principle of electricity and magnetic conversion / electromagnetic induction

The wireless power supply can be possible by using two coils. At first a magnetic field occurs when it carries away electricity to coil (1) (the Fleming right-hand rule). When coil (2) in a far place catches the magnetic field, an induced current transmits, and electricity is generated. This is a principal of the wireless power supply.

The future and the advanced wireless feeding technology

Wireless feeding includes the technique using the magnetic field and the technique using the electric field.It is also divided with a non-emission type,perform in a near field. And an emission type to perform in a distant.Non-emission type ... electromagnetic induction, magnetic field resonance,Emission type ... electric wave method including the inductive coupling, laser method, solar power generation To make the wireless feeding technology possible, a design to a purpose of use and environment is required. Transmission ranges, distance or the axis gap and the electricity that can feed a design method are all different. In manufacture, a circuitry, a housing design to perform heat radiation efficiently is necessary in addition to a delicate coil design technology and design technology of the circuit to perform electricity transmission. The wireless power supply is a still new technology, and laws and regulations and the standardization are in progress now.

There is no electrical metal point of contact!

It is not only metalthat can carry the electricity!
The metal point of contact and conducting wire are indispensable to carryl electricity. The plug to add into the outlet is two metal, for example, smartphone the connector is also metal. To carry electricity other than metal is "water". The water can be not very suitable for an electric appliance to have the metal point of contact toward. It can cause the short-circuit and can cause to be broken.
However, wireless feeding does not have the metallic point of contact. Therefore it does not need to disturb a product to short-circuit even if it takes water. A wireless feeding technology is adopted in many things. For example, with an electric toothbrush or the electric shaver. In addition, in high industrial facilities such as a clean room or the fire strict prohibition, in the metal point of contact, outbreak of the metal powder by the electrical contact is brought into question. Because the wireless feeding without the metal point of contact can hold outbreak of the metal powder in check, it is the technique that can be adopted as quality improvement and safety measures of facilities.


There is not the physical point of contact!

Can utilize "space! Wireless feeding! "
Wireless feeding with the transmission side, and electric side, can be no physical point of contact. Also if it is water, glass, acrylic, resin, nonmetal including the wood, these materials can sandwich it between. Can be realize to wireless feeds a sealed container having high wireless vacuum degree feeding over glass in the water and a clean room.
In addition, using the physical point of contact connector repeatedly can cause damage. It can be solved the problem using wireless feeding. Also be able to improve by using a robot operation in factories and adopting it to a line. Can lower the maintenance cost and prevent work loss by the damage.

As for the wireless power supply, introduction has already advanced in the field of many electricity field. By expanding the use of wireless supply in many fields, how will the future change? Let's introduce example…..



Study and the proof experiment of the wireless power supply.

Wireless power supply to an electric car

A charge station is necessary for the charge of the electric car, and it is necessary to connect an exclusive plug at the time of the charge. To put on and off of this plug takes time.Wouldn't it be great to charge, just by leave it in the parking lots?Therefore, the automotive paid attention to install in the pariking lot. The car only has to face to the parking lot which the transission side has been installed. And the charge can be complited using wireless power supply.Now, American WiTricity company, Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Audi Japan, Qualcomm, and Rolls Royce and RENAUL have been experient on a study to proof and appriaching in the future electric car equipped with a Wireless Power Supply technology. And we will be seeing in town in near future.In addition, Mt. main village wide professor of Tokyo University studies the wireless electricity transmission technology by the electromagnetic field resonance-binding method to apply a wireless feeding technology to an electric car and household electrical appliance in the research organization including the university and aims at the social realization that there is not of the cable.

The wireless power market that is accelerating

When it is in 8,500 million US dollars, an approximately 1 trillion yen scale in 2018, according to the data which IHS Technology which is an American research company announced in 2014, I expect the wireless feeding market. Wireless feeding is finished on a theme as one of the growth strategy in the country, and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications moves for standardization, too. The wireless feeding is the worldwide up-and-coming technique that a study is pushed forward as the project that I nominated a country for at various makers or universities.

The wireless power supply has been moving toward formalizing practical use.

The wireless power supply has already been adopted in the small electricity products such as an electric toothbrush and the electric shaver. The system which they can feed in the large apparatus smoothly (e.g., an electric car or an industrial instrument) the companies including us, we are continue developing.Also, the country promotes this movement and in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication already studying for the practical use of the wireless power supply.The wireless power supply that is continuing to expand and spreads out more and more in future.What is the next thing we want?

The Future change by Wireless Power Supply!

Power supply cord disappears by a next-generation power supply system! ?

For example, you can feed your phone without a charger at the coffee shop, charge with wireless power supply just by putting the smartphone on the table. Or while you are shopping at the grocery store, without connecting to the cord, you can charge your car.The biggest merit of the wireless power supply is to not be able to tie a battery charger and a feeding cord. Save lots of space and avoid the problem by the direct wiring and it is automatise and efficient.

Product that are closely related to our everyday life.


  • ・Bathroom and kitchen, Wireless supply to household electrical appliances.
  • ・Portable electrical appliance including a Laptop and the digital camera are now wireless.
  • ・Charge your smart phones without putting them out from your pocket or your bag. Whereever you are in your house, you can charge wirelessly.
  • ・Feeding of the household electrical appliance (TV or cleaning Robo).
  • ・Feeding an outdoor apparatus through glass and a wall.


Combine data communication such as WIFI or Bluetooth, USB connection device and neither the cable nor the battery are needed and can be feeding wirelessly.

【The medical welfare】

Wireless power supply to a capsule camera or a micromachine, and wirelessly supply power to medical robot. Also can burden reduction of the patient and the electric motion of the stretcher can motorized and wirelessly supplied.

Wireless Power Supply around the location using water.
Wireless Power Supply without removing your smart phone from your bag.
Wireless Power Supply to a medical robot.



Special facilities and devices.

【The place where a people can not enter. (water, stricken area,)Space】

The wireless feeding to a special robot playing an active part at a place such as (in the water, basement, space) where a human being cannot enter.


Anywhere of the face of the Earth can receive electricity by converting the light of the sun that a man-made satellite caught into an electric wave or a laser, and receiving it on the earth.

The special robot which works underwater
The special robot which works at a strickenarea
Receive the light of the sun that a man-made satellite caught on the earth





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