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B&PLUS Wireless Power Supply

In some wireless power supply principles, B&PLUS wireless power supply system adopts “an inductive coupling principle. The electricity of direct current input into the transmitter is converted into interchange magnetic by going along the internal circuit and coil, and the electriacity magnetic force is and anti-opposite side receives and reach the coil of the electric part. Interchage magnetic force realize wirelss power feeding in what is converted into electricity.




What is known as the other method is Qi standard which is widespread in consumer applications as one of the wireless power supply famous for electromagnetic coupling system. Qi is the world standard of the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). It is mainly adopted as a charger of a smart phone, and many of them are found abroad mainly in North America. In this way, the electromagnetic coupling method has various strengths and is adopted in many fields. 


For many years, B&PLUS has been developing wireless power supply for customers in industrial applications, in which Product with excellent environmental resistance are necessary. We deal with products in a wide power range from 1w or less up to 1kw. Moreover, we are not satisfied with existing products; we are constantly exploring new possibilities (technologies).  


Reference: Outline and features of wireless power feeding systems


■[Electromagnetic induction] High Frequency electromagnetic coupling type

B & PLUS is adopting

The basic method of wireless power supply that increases the coupling coefficient and transmits power. It is widely used for practical applications because of product stability.
(Frequency band : About 10kHZ to hundreads kHZ)


■[Electromagnetic induction] Magnetic resonance type

One of electromagnetic induction type. A method of increasing the Q value of the coil characteristic instead of the coupling coefficient. An effective method in a long distance area where the coupling coefficient is weak.
(Frequency band : hundreads kHZ to about 10MHZ)


■Electric field coupling system

A system using electric field coupling with electrodes facing each other. It has advantage in free installation and misalignment, on the other hand, it is weak against metal opposition and few practical cases.
(Frequency band : About hundreads kHZ to few.10MHZ)


■Microwave wireless communication system

It is used for power supply at ultra long distances by using microwaves. Because efficiency is very bad, it is used only for some limited applications with few practical cases. 
(Frequency band : About few~)






B&PLUS that supports manufacturing with wireless power supply

Many companies manufacture and sell "wireless power supply only", but our products "Wireless power supply and signal transmission" are original technology only by B&PLUS (Patent, utility model acquired). Our remote systems are widely used overseas, including leading Japanese automobile manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers. We have developed and manufacture OEM products due to high technical capabilities as well.




We deliver products to the market with an integrated internal structure that cooperates with various departments, such as the sales department that proposes products that meet market needs. The development department conducting product development research, the product division to supply more stable products, the manufacturing department to actually manufacture, the application technology department that embodies customer's request without regard to existing products. We are promoting multifunctionalization to raise the skills of our employees. Even if it affects the number of employees' long-term leave and the number of production due to the wave of the economy, we can flexibly assign work internally.


From the overview of wireless power supply, we would like to confirm our development system, production system and would like to walk with customers with a step towards a new future with wireless power supply.


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