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B&PLUS The history of the development of products

B&PLUS started from import and sales 30 years ago.  Succeeds in development of the "remote sensor" Acquisied patent after the specifications design change of the product, the production of the proximity switch. B&Plus has been  developing many original products since then.
We are continuously working on functional improvement, capacity enlargement and miniaturization. Trying further development and will continuously open up to the future of the wireles power supply.


First Remote system
Remote Sensor System
Combined signal transmission and wireless power supply. The wireless of the proximity sensor and a first TR series of the remote system was released.
  リモートシステム第一号 製品


Correspond to temperature signal
Remote Sensor System
Wireless power supply + themocouple Resistance bulb, able to transmit an analog signal.
  温度信号に対応 製品


Increase of the power supply! Correspond to photoelectric sensor.
Remote Sensor System
It increased the power supply capability and became a system that can be used with photoelectric sensors and many points.
  給電力増!光電センサ対応! 製品


Input increases to up to 15. Longer distance for the transmission as well.
Remote Sensor System
The switch signal possible up to 15. Corresponds with the DC 3-wire sensor.
  入力が最大15点まで増加。伝送距離も長距離化 製品
24W wireless power supply, Bi-directional signal transmission(input 4 output 4) 
Remote Coupler System
24V/1A Wireless power supply and possible to drive solenoid valve.
  24Wワイヤレス給電+双方向信号(入力4+出力4) 製品


48W Wireless power supply input 64 output 32 signal transmission.
Remote Coupler System
Possible to control from Paralle,CC-Link,DeviceNet,EtherNet/IP
  48Wワイヤレス給電入力64+出力32点信号伝送 製品


24W wireless power supply (M30 shape)
Remote Power Supply System
The fit shape makes it high efficient!  Developed th wireless connector which can
  24Wワイヤレス給電(M30形状) 製品


16 signal marks (direct current 3 line type sensor)
Remote Sensor System
possible to make a simple wiring in a terminal.
Developed 8 points of types and specifications of direct current 2 line type
  信号点数16点(直流3線式センサ) 製品
120W Wireless power supply
Remote Power Supply System
Possible for 120W wireless feeding of 24V/5A and ables to charge battery.
  120Wワイヤレス給電 製品


DeviceNet signal transmission transmission speed: 500kbps
Remote Coupler System
Wireless feeding of 24V/2A and signal transmission by DeviceNet were enabled.
  DeviceNet信号伝送 伝送速度:500kbps 製品


CC-Link signal transmission transmission speed: 10Mbps
Remote Coupler System
Wireless feeding of 24V/2A and signal transmission by CC-Link were enabled.
  信号点数16点(直流3線式センサ) 製品
Transmit +16 point of wireless power supply of 13W with M30 shape
Remote Power Supply System
Improvement of a feeding power of terminal specifications.
The transmission of the photoelectric sensor was enabled.
  120Wワイヤレス給電 製品


210W wireless charge
Remote Power Supply System
Wireless charge to 24V battery.The charge control developed the high output type.
  210Wワイヤレス充電 製品


Remote Sensor System
At the size that could attach to a tool changer, 12 signals transmission is enabled.
  コンパクト化 製品
1KW wireless charge
Remote Power Supply System
Developed the 1KW wireless charge system which can charge with bigger electricity (OEM).


30W wireless charge
Remote Power Supply System
The small wireless charge system which can charge 24V battery


Start of prototype development orders
New development
Sales start of wireless power feed trial development by lean startup.
120W wireless charge
Remote Power Supply System
Wireless charging system capable of charging 24V battery
Supports up to 8 temperature sensors
Remote Power Supply System

Wireless power supply system compatible with various temperature sensors such as ermocouple and resistance temperature detector. Up to 8 temperature signals can be transmitted.



100 prototypes prototyped at lean startup
New development
Prototype development of wireless power supply by lean startup exceeded 100 cases.
Qi wireless power supply commercialization
Qi product
Developed and commercialized wireless powered products using Qi tandards.
Successful experiment of photoimmunotherapy using wireless power supply
New development
Wireless power supply to the device embedded in the body of the mouse, succeeded in the experiment of photoimmunotherapy.


Deciding to install on an assisted bicycle
New development
Wireless charging to battery of electric bicycle. Succeeded in developing new markets.