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What is "Remote system"?

Remote System is an original connection system which supplies power and transmits signals simultaneously in wireless.
Remote System is composed of the Transmitter (Remote) attached to moving unit and the Output Sensor (Base) attached to fixed unit.

How do you use Remote system?

By facing Transmitter and Output sensor, Remote system performs wireless transmission of the power and signals by inductive coupling.

-Transmitter (Remote)
Transmitter is mounted to the moving side such as pallet and connect devices such as switches, which used on the moving side.
Transmitter receives power from the output sensor, it supplies power to connected devices and transmits the I/O singals to output sensor.

-Output sensor (Base)
Output sensor is mounted on the fixed unit and connected to the external control devices and external power supply.When transmitter comes in the transmission area of output sensor, it performs signal transmission and communication with external control devices

What kind of signals does that have?

Switch signal --- Proximity sensor,Photoelectric sensors,Mechanical switch,Solenoid valve
Analog signal --- Thermocouple ,Resistance thermometer ,Load cell ,Analog sensor
Data signal --- RS-232C ,CC-Link ,DeviceNet

How much power that can be supplied?

Voltage is 12~24VDC. Current is 5mA~5A.
Supply power will change by size and shape and transmission distance and center offset.Check the "Drive current" and "Drive voltage" described in the product specification.

How much distance can you transmit?

Transmission distance will vary in size and shape.
For more information, please refer to the product specifications and manual.

If it can be transmitted even if there is a partition between the head?

There is no problem if non-metal because it is transmitted by electromagnetic coupling.Please do not approach the metal around However, since there is the influence of the metal.

What is "Inzone"?

It means that the transmitter exists in the output sensor's power
feeding range and the signal transmission status is available.
The output sensor outputs the signal and indicates the LED during
Inzone. (There are some exceptions.)

Output sensor(Base part) and Transmitter(Remote part) will be used in one-to-one?

Remote system can be used in a one-to-one combination.But the combination is limited to a given combination.Please refer to the specification for the details.

What is DC 2-wire senor or DC 3 wire senor?

Proximity sensor, Photoelectoric sensor, Limit switch and more.
These sensors will output the existence of such metal in the ON / OFF signal

What do you mean by "No. of input signals"?

A pair of remote system is the number of possible transmission signal.
Total current consumption of all connected sensor.

DC 3-wire proximity sensor and or DC 2-wire limit switch of combination is possible in one pair remote system?

It is possible if DC-3 wire type of Remote system.However requires resistance in DC 2-wire sensor of wiring.

Do not leakage even when a water when Remote system is running?

There is no worry of leakage because it is a wireless power supply by electromagnetic induction.

Can I rotate the transmission surface during feeding?

There is no problem if the transmission distance and the center-offset is within product specification.

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