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Newly released small charging unit [600W / 1kW wireless charging unit]


In response to many requests,

We have developed a small charging unit!

 Achieves the industry's smallest size with 1kW class wireless charging!

   Features①   Achieved 53% smaller size and lighter weight than before.

Standard type and function remain same !The small charging unit is

53% smaller and 0.6kg lighter!It can also be mounted on a small 

 Features②  Big POWER with a small BODY! Maxmum output 1kW!

《 Target series 》
        RCS600                     RCS1000/SIPS1000A  
 output 600W            output1kW  

High power charging even though it is the smallest class in the indusry!

 Features③  Compatible with standard units!Space saving just by replacing the unit!                  


Just replace the small charging unit even if you are already using it!Space saving and improvement of wiring routing are possible!

 Fearutres④  Change the air cooling method! The connection part is on one side and the  back side is refreshing!
《 Comparison of standard and samll charging units 

 For mountaing on small AGVs and improving space saving, Please take advantage of the small charging unit!

Feel free to contact us!

With free charging simulation, we will help you select the most suitable wireless charging device!