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1kW wireless charging [Long-distance head] added release 



No.1 in adoption of AGV manufacture options

 For 1kW Wireless charging RCS1000 

The long-awaited【Long-distance head specfication】has been released

※【Long-distance head specifications】have a dedicated power transmission / reception head / power supply unit.

『I want to keep the distanace as far as possible』

『It is better to have a wide tolerance for axis misalignmet』

『I want to surround the circumference with metal』

【Long-distance head】are recommended!

『Small size and light weight are good』

『Strong environmnetal resistance in environments exposed to water and oil』

Standard head specifications are recommeded!


    1kW wireless charging RCS1000   

    ◆Transmission・axis misalignmet

   ◆Peripheral metal※Dimensions away from metal

With two head specifications to choose from we propose the best combination for the user's AGV usage environment.

【Standard head specifications】      【Long-distance head specifications】

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