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New released![4+4] bidirectional signals transmission & 24V1A power supply with compaact shape !


Remote Cpupler System of bidirectional communication

Compact shape is now available !!

Wireless Power supply is also powered UP !!

Hello everyone ! I'm Takahashi of B&PLUS sales team!

from Maxi shape [90mm x 90mm] Remote coupler that is 24V 300mA power supply & 4 inputs + 4 outputs.

Smaller, Powered up type is now on sale !!

This is Easy-to-use compact shape [45 mm x 45 mm] 24V 1A power supply + 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

   Size is about 1/7 smoller than before !  (Volume retio)

   Power is 24V1A, 3.3 times up from before !







Price is also Cheaper!than the conventional model !

It's okay if there is a small space required for installation because it's compact!

Even for equipment that has been considered for wireless power supply

and has been abandoned due to lack of installation space,

Compact Remote can be used to improve work efficiency steadily! 

Since it is a non-contact wireless power supply, the disconnection and connector

damage that have been troublesome until now will no longer occur.

You can design and arrange equipment more freely than wired power supply.

Wireless power supply expands your possibilities!

Compact size also reduces the weight of the remote coupler,

so it's easy to use for tool changers or some purposes! 


   Wireless power supply & signal transmission

      Application is click here !

    [For grap confirmation] 


Elominates short circuits due to

probe clogging and water leaks !!


 [For checking the work on metal dai]


    No need for attach / detach!

    No pins break ! 


     Click here for the video 



        As you can see, it can be used even in adverse environments ! 

             And more !

     It has a lot of excellent protection functions

       to prevent breakdowns ! 

短絡保護 When a curent exceeding the specifications flows through the signal line due to unloaded wiring, the output is turned off for certain period of time to protect the circuit. 
 逆接続保護 When 24V and 0V are reversely connected in the power supply line of the output unit, the output is turned off for certian period of time so that the circuit is no damaged by reverse current, and circuit is protected.

The function measure the temperature with the thermistor inside the output unit and stops ocillation when the threshold value is exceeded.

It will rester when the temperature drops.


The current is deteced inside the output units, and when the threshold value is exceeded, ocillation is stopped for a certain period of time to protect the circuit. 


When a change in frequency is detected near the resonance frequency due to the approaching metal, ocillation is stopped for a certain period of time to protect the circuit.


If there is an inductive load (solenoid or relay), a counter electromotive voltage (surge) may occur when the singan is turned ON / OFF. A surge absorption circute is built in to prevent circuit destruction due to this voltage.


Smaller, more Powerful, and Cheaper !

If you want 4 inputs and 4 outputs, it's Good ! For the detail, click the below button !!


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