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[Case Studies]WEB workshop of wireless power supply!!



New challange to Learn and experience the wireless power supply from the office or home!

We had been sometimes held the workshops at the office before Covid-19. When we hold at the office, everyone wind a coil, connect with a soldering, and make their wireless power supply, etc.
Under Covid-19, It's difficult to gather at the office, in this time, we try to hold the workshop thorugh the web. This web-workshops not only to avoid the crowding, but people far away can participate it..


We delivered many parts to make wireless power supply in advance and started a wireless power supply workshop on the day.


First of all, in order to understood the basic principle of wireless power supply, we had a lecture on the basic principle and observed the electricity wave by a magnetic by useing the oscilloscope. Everyone experienced the change in how electricity is transmitted depending on the position of the coil!

Wind the coil and supply power wirelessly!!! How far can you transfer the power??

After learning the basic principle, we winded the coil firmly and challenge the wireless power transmission.
First, carefully wind the wire according to the shape of the coil you want to create.


Measure the indactance of the created coil, adjust the parameter and connect the necessary parts and LEDs. After setting, put the coil at face to face, then it realize the wireless power supply!!
You can confirm that electricity are transmitted through the air !! 


Next, we held the "The Longest wireless power supply transfer games". Next, we held the "The Longest wireless power supply transfer games". They created it considering the coil size and adjustable parameter to realise longer wireless power supply.
Someone make a large circle coile, others makes the middle size and increase the turns. The various wireless power supply have been created depend on the person.


Create their own wireless power supply and have the presentation it through the WEB! At this time, the champion realize the wireless power supply at the distance of 30 cm!! It's amazing !! Congratulations!!!

Make the original wireless power supply !!

In order to expand the possibilities of wireless power supply, all participants do the Mandarat to organize the caractaristics of wireless power supply, and do the brain stoming to expand their ideas!


Based on the ideas, prepare more materials and create my wireless power supply for each participant.
Everyone desperately create wireless power supply using the My Wireless power supply goods!


One made the shining capsule and shining capsule-shaped house on the board.



Various ideas such as the shining coupsule or the cell phone charging stand anywhere on the board, and an underwater wireless power supply that shines underwater have come into shape, and the workshop has expanded the world of wireless power supply even further!

B&PLUS develops any prototypes for wireless power transfer and wireless charging.
If you have any interested in this technology, please feel free to contact us.

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