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Ring shaped wireless power supply that is most suitable for rotary facility.

Ring type Remote system enables the wireless power supply and signal transmission to an apparatus while rotating.

5 different types available!!

Product information

Wireless Power supply +Signal transmission(Proximity sensor)

simultaneously transmits up to 15points.

For up to 15points, possible to wirelessly power supply and transmits the ON/OFF signal of the sensors while feeding to the detection sensors such as proximity sensors.

Attached to the axis of the index table, the sensor attached and detects on the table. Helps transmits with the wireless feeding and ON/Off signal from a sensor at the same time.

There are 2 different sizes, one with diameter φ50 and bigger size of diameter φ100.


 Product Info(PDF)


 Product information

Wireless Power Supply + Temperature signal (Thermocoupler K or J)
2 Signals transmission at the same time.

Corresponds to temperature sensor, thermocoupler type K and J.

Shape is middle size of φ50 and bigger size of φ100(Type K)

Product Info(PDF) 

Product information

Wireless Power supply of 48W

Looking for more power??

No signals needed、just wants to transmit more power!

Facing the remote system to each other and transmits 48W.



Shape is middle side of φ50

Product Info (PDF)


Technical information

Easy installation! Fan-shaped(Form of sector)

Because of the Fan-shaped,no need to break the formar equipment.

Half side, semicircle is the transmission and other half output side can be separater!


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