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The Balluff identification system is a non-contact data exchange system that transmits data between a Data carrier and a Read/Write head by an inductive coupling.
Reliable ID communication - Data carrier adaptable to virtually any application in factory automation
- safe data transmission by dedicated checking
- immune to surface soiling and liquids
- high noise immunity
Interface matched to Host PLC Interface variation :
Serial(RS-232C,USB) , Parallel , Melsec-Bus
CC-Link , DeviceNet
Serial / Parallel MELSEC-Bus CC-Link DeviceNet
Abundant Data carrier Data carrier is all non-battery.
Offer various Data carrier size and form (φ9 to 80x40mm).
  Balluff ID system
BIS C series (Basic system) Offer various Data carrier size and form (φ9 to 80x40mm). Several Interface with Host PLCs are available to meet various requirements .
BIS S series (High speed system) 8 octuple communication speed High speed spec. Data carrier Memory capacity is 8K bytes and suitable for pallet management in the production line.
BIS M series (Low-cost tag ver.) Reduction of introduction costs by the Low cost Data carrier.
Memory capacity is 752 byte.
BIS C/R series (Mini-flag system ) Simple ID system for numbering which doesn't require special programming for Reading or writing.
 System configuration
BIS systems basically consist of Data carrier, Read/Write head and Processor as shown below.
■Read/Write system
 ・Data carrier
 ・Read/Write head
    (ID converter)
 ・ID Reader/Writer
・・(BIS M series)
■Read only system
 ・ID Reader

・・(BIS C/R series)
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