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[New product] 1kW wireless charging  Sales start!


[New product] 1kW wireless charging  Sales start! 

Both AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and automobile towing vehicles get rid of the "24-hour IT replacement-free" poly!


Features (1) Easy installation and high power charging can meet a wide range of needs 

Wireless charging is possible even with an existing AGV by simply placing it on the pong!
The AGV that will be introduced in the future is OK! There are many adoption records, and any AGV manufacturer can handle it!

[RCS1000 series basic specifications]

■ Charging voltage / current                                                                                          24V specification: max.DC30V / 34A 48V specification: max.DC60V / 17A

■ Transmission distance / axis deviation                                                                          0 ... 15mm / X / Y direction ± 10mm

 ■ Charge control                                                                                                          CC / CV charging method                                                                                             For example, comparing the charging capacity of 1kW wireless charging and 600W               wireless charging,

充電ペック比較 600W 1kW"600W wireless charging" has just the right charging capacity for small and medium-sized AGVs, 

・ AGV with short charging stop time                                                                         ・ Large AGV with large current consumption ・ Electric tow vehicle ・ Electric forklift   There was a problem that it was difficult to operate due to insufficient charging. "1kW wireless charging" is a high-power charging, so you can solve the problems you have been using! !!

1kW  600W グラフ比較
Feature (2) Selectable battery specifications

選べるバッテリー仕様 充電設定Lead / lithium ion battery can be charg 

 Lead / lithium ion battery can be charged!You can choose charging unit with 24V / 48V according to battery specifications using the dedicated software, you can change the charging settings such as charging voltage / current / recharging voltage as you like! You can operate it safely and securely with the charging settings that match the battery you are using!

③ Status LED display + external output signal function 


The power supply unit and charging unit are equipped with a status display LED, so you can check the current status and error display! It is also possible to output an I / O signal to the outside using the D-sub connector!

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