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Wireless charging has been realized for the OMRON mobile robot LD series!


Wireless charging has been realized for the OMRON mobile robot LD series!


We have installed a 600W wireless charging system for charging AGV batteries in the OMRON mobile robot LD series introduced by a certain automobile manufacturer in Gunma prefecture on the production line. This LD series is trackless and has the advantage of being compact, and many companies are introducing it, but although there are needs, there are unclear points about the installed battery information and wiring connection, so wireless charging cannot be installed. was. Therefore, with the cooperation of the SE of Sanko Industrial Automation, an OMRON control equipment retailer, we checked the characteristics of the battery and the internal wiring with our engineers. As a result, the 600W wireless charging system has been customized, and this time it has been adopted!


ビー・アンド・プラスの技術者がバッテリーの特性確認をしている写真Joint analysis with Sanko IA SE

技術者マツモトサンがどうやったらワイヤレス充電できるか考えているよ。            Custom design based on analysis results




To realize wireless charging to mobile robot LD

● We have confirmed the charge / discharge characteristics of the battery.

→ The same 20A charge control as the dedicated charger is possible.

● The charge control program has been changed according to the characteristics.

● A dedicated branch cable has been prepared for issues related to internal wiring.

● Since the 600W charging system is small, it is a product that can be easily installed in the OMRON LD series. The upper amplifier can be installed by routing the cable inside.


Benefits of using a 600W wireless charging system for the LD series

■Trouble solved due to poor contact!

■You can charge on the driving line without returning to the home station!

■Improves troubles that could not be charged due to poor alignment!

■Cost reduction of reserve cost and work cost!

■Easy to install with a small head / amplifier!

■Easy to install with a special bracket without taking up space on the station side!


 B & Plus Wireless Charging System Information


600W充電システムの写真 600Wケーブル Station bracket
  LD対応600Wsystem     cable Station bracket


The 600W wireless charging system is available on the web.


What is wireless charging for AGV? I will explain in detail!

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