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Perfect it ! The charging zone that you never had before !

Finally, new product has been released !
It is 600W Wireless charging sysytem.

For example・・・
If you manually replace lead battery every time with middle type AGV・・・
Battery replacement work occurs twice a day,
once for 15 minutes, More than 10 hours a month will take time for replacement work.

In addition, since battery replacement requires power and attention, the burden on workers is also large.
Would you like to use wireless charging to enable automatic charging?

600W Diagram



Transmission distance between heads is 0 to 20 mm !
Horizontal and vertical gaps can also be transmitted to ± 10 mm and ± 15 mm, respectively.
The charging method is constant current, constant voltage (CC, CV).
This method extends the life of the battery.
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If you are undecided or interested, please feel free to contact us.
B & PLUS offers the following wireless charging product lineup,
and you can choose a product that matches your battery capacity!
30W(Existing products)
120W(Existing products)
◆ 210W(Existing products)
◆ 600W(Existing products
◆ 1000W(Existing products)
◆ 2000W(Newly released !
We will make your factory smoother!
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